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About Gleaming Property Services

The GPS Group is a new face in today’s Commercial Cleaning Industry. The GPS Group has become one of the most respected Cleaning and Maintenance companies in Victoria, with an enviable reputation as a quality service provider to the hospitality industry, education and business sector.

The founder of The GPS Group, along with the senior management team, have more than 50 years of experience in customer service to the building, services, hospitality, retail, manufacturing and property sectors.

Our task force of cleaning operatives includes Housemen, Housekeepers, Supervisors, cleaners, landscapers, area managers and Administrative Support Staff. All employees of the GPS Group are securely screened, and are selected only after thorough investigation of their background, reference checks and personality profile.

The GPS Group offers you the benefit of many years of experience that can only be acquired from time spent within varied commercial cleaning environments. Our hands-on approach and experience means we understand the issues and operational considerations that your encounter.

Our Mission

The GPS Group is not just a management company, but a deliverer of quality services. Our goal is to be the leader in our field by providing excellent service.

The basis of our business culture is:

  • Your satisfaction.
  • Our people.
  • Value for money.
  • Reducing the impact on our environment.


We are very focused on the impact that we all have on our fragile environment, so we actively seek out the least harmful and effective methodology to deliver quality services. We ensure that any chemicals used are “green” and in most cases are developed from plant extracts that are completely harmless and biodegradable.

We encourage all of our clients to develop good green habits and we are more than happy to advise and assist any of them to improve their recycling, chemical usage or reduction of their carbon footprint.

Environment Impact Statement

Gleaming Property Services are committed to ensuring that they make a minimalist footprint on our environment.

We only utilise products that are sourced from naturally occurring plant extracts and are completely biodegradable and comply with the Australian Standards AS1792.

All cleaning products used on your premises are fully G.E.C.A certified and have no Phosphates, Sulphates, Petroleum Solvents or Benzene Detergent Bases.

One of the most harmful products that impact on the environment are chlorine based chemicals, more commonly known as bleach. We are driven to ensure that bleach is not used on any of our premises.

Unlike other non-environmentally responsible products, we use no Petroleum Benzene (LAS) or Petroleum Paraffin bases - only coconut and vegetable based detergents are used. These, of course, are highly biodegradable.

We can also assist you with setting up any recycling programs that you may require on your premises.

We are happy to discuss ways in which we can promote “GREEN” cleaning methodology and products that can reduce the impact we all have on our planet.

Occupational Health and Safety

GPS recognises its obligation to provide a safe and healthy workplace for its employees, customers/clients, sub-contractors and others who may visit or are engaged on our worksites from time to time.

As such, our OH&S objectives include:

  • To provide safety matters equal status with other business objectives
  • To provide work facilities which minimize risk to employees
  • To audit and continually strive to improve occupational health, safety and injury management procedures
  • To employ competent & trained personnel
  • To have employees recognize their responsibilities in identifying, reporting and eliminating hazards in the workplace
  • To have employees participate in rehabilitation programs
  • That contractors and other parties adhere to the Company’s occupational health and safety policies on our sites and assist in the identification of hazards.

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